I am thrilled to be a part of the awesome Red Hen Lab community! Thank you for selecting me and giving me a chance to contribute to the Red Hen codebase.

This post describes my journey after being selected as a Google Summer of Code (GSoC) student associated with Red Hen Lab and FrameNet Brasil. I plan to summarize my progress at the end of every week until the end of the summer.

Here’s the abstract of my project:

The project aims to develop a prototype that is capable of meaning construction using multi-modal channels of communication. Specifically, for a co-speech gestures dataset, using the annotations obtained manually coupled with the metadata obtained through algorithms, we devise a mechanism to disambiguate meaning considering the influence of all the different modalities involved in a particular frame. Since only a handful of annotated datasets have been made available by Red Hen, we leverage semi-supervised learning techniques to annotate additional unlabeled data. Furthermore, since each frame could have multiple meaning interpretations possible, we use human annotators to annotate a subset of our validation set and report our performance on that set.

My mentors are: Suzie Xi, Mark Turner, Javier Valenzuela, Anna Wilson, Maria Hedblom, Francis Steen, Tiago Torrent (primary), Frederico Belcavello, Inés Olza.

Stay tuned!