Week 7 (June 29 - July 5)

less than 1 minute read | Written by Nickil Maveli

As a result of not having relevant hand gestures dataset to start the experimentation phase, I reach out to the mailing list of International Society of Gesture Studies and do manage to get a few responses.

So far, I collect the following datasets:

  • ELAN tagged co-speech hand gestures dataset without the supporting videos shared at Open Science Framework by Fey Parrill.
  • Co-speech gestures that co-occur with number-related linguistic expressions (“add”, “subtract”) shared by Daniel Alcaraz Carrion.
  • Hand gestures dataset although related to sign-language motion capture corpora.

Tiago and I have a chat on Zoom. In the meeting, we discuss about utilizing the already existing annotation tool, Rapid Hen Annotator, to quickly manually tag the pre-defined gesture parameters from segmented videos of Ellen interview dataset. We choose about 30 video segments to begin with. The idea is to later ask the annotators a template of boolean questions (yes/no) corresponding to a particular construal dimension, for eg., “does the highlighted text invoke ordering of items in a sequence?”, “does the highlighed text depict a time lapse?”, “does the highlighed text signify levels of importance?” and so on.